First frostgrave models

2016 is turning into a bumper year for blog posts. Here are the first couple of models painted up for Frostgrave. On the left we have a marksman – Rowan’s costliest henchman, and on the right is my biggest spend – a barbarian. I’ve based all the Frostgrave models on 20mm square, because I was raised on WFB III and that’s what a human should be based on. The barbarian does get a 25mm square because he was just too big to put on a 20mm one. I suppose he would make a decent Chaos thug (25mm), although with those axes sticking out, he’s not going to “rank up” very well unless the models on either side of him are crouching down (or Chaos halflings).

Marksman and Barbarian

Marksman and Barbarian

The marksman is from the Frostgrave soldiers box, with the addition of a shield from the Perry European mercenaries box. I was going to do something heraldic, but that seemed a bit boring so I went for something a bit more fantasy themed.


Marksman and Barbarian

The barbarian is from Blacktree Design. Some of the faces in this range are a bit ropey, but this one is fine. I bought a few last year with the intention of converting them to Necromunda ratskins, but on seeing them in real life, I realised they were too big and muscle-bound to be suitable. The bald head made me go for a grizzled, grey bearded veteran look. With the shield I was trying to evoke an Eastern European look – he’s wandered in from the steppes.

The massive double axes made me think of these Lindybeige videos. In this one he explains why carrying two weapons in real life doesn’t double your attacks – it’s just a bit pointless, and in this one he explains why there’s no point in a fighting axe being double-bitted because it just makes the head heavier and harder to wield. I don’t think you’d want to explain that to this barbarian though, he might take offence.

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