Spaceship Ground Crew

Spaceship Ground Crew

In addition to the power-armoured psychopaths, every sci-fi universe needs its ordinary Joes. A spaceport would be teeming with technicians, passengers, and people who just empty the bins, so I thought I’d sculpt a few and this is the first of them. He’s an engineer/spaceship ground crew waving a scanner or other such gizmo.

Cultist sculpt – WIP

I have been sculpting a set of cultists, and here is the latest. He is getting very near complete. A little more work on the feet, and a few details – I’ve been thinking about giving him a set of throwing knives attached to his belt at the back. He has been made on an […]

Scratch built tree spirit

This is a model I started a long time ago (for a 2007 Frothers contest), but didn’t get very far with, and it lay in a box as a tangle of twisted wires with a smear of green putty. Fired up with enthusiasm for sculpting, I dug it out again and finished it off. It […]