Scratch built tree spirit

This is a model I started a long time ago (for a 2007 Frothers contest), but didn’t get very far with, and it lay in a box as a tangle of twisted wires with a smear of green putty. Fired up with enthusiasm for sculpting, I dug it out again and finished it off. It was quite quick and easy, but had to be done over a long period as I could only do a couple of the ‘creepers’ at a time, otherwise I ended up mashing one that I had already done when I handled it. The core is a number of pieces of phone wire (the sort of wire that makes up the inside of phone cable – thin solid copper core), twisted up and then covered with lots of thin ropes of putty.

Rowan (who has been studying Warhammer Armies) pointed out that Wood Elves could summon spectres, and he seemed perfect for this – some kind of terrifying presence rising up from the fallen leaves and waving its tendril like arms, heavy with the stink of leaf mould. The model is quite big – 40mm to the top of its head, so it towers over most models in a suitably threatening way.

Wood spirit

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