Helsreach Trading Goods

I’ve got a good selection of Ramshackle Games trading goods painted up for next month’s BOYL game. We are planning a ‘sandbox’ style game where players can bring a gang, and compete to make money at the rough fringes of the Imperium in Helsreach, Logan’s World.

Here’s an Imperial Guard patrol looking for contraband in a merchant’s stash at the edge of the town.

“Get those crates open, boys”

There are lots of types – water barrels (valuable on a hot, dry world), crates of ore, boxes of space spice, oil barrels and various boxes of trading goods/weapons.

“I think I can see something buried under the spice”

I’ve been experimenting with a rough, stained, rusted look (historically my style has been fairly neat and clean), and I’m really pleased with how some of these boxes turned out. Main change is that I’m using a folded up blister pack sponge a lot, to apply both patchy staining and highlighting. It is a bit random – some are better than others, but you have to just ‘let go’ a bit.


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  • I think those are looking quite good. I have used a sponge quite a bit for weathering, but somehow it never occurred to me to use it for highlighting as well, can definitely see the potential.

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