Brethren are complete – for now

The ‘Brethren of Ultimate Sanction’ – a batch of models that started with last year’s Oldhammer figure from Ramshackle Games has finally cleared the painting tray.  The first two can be seen here

Monk and flagellant

On the left is a Black Tree monk – I bought a pack of 4 in a drive to collect medieval civilians. I was going to paint them in plain brown robes, but then it occurred to me they could join the group. On the right is another Casting Room flagellant. He had a rather funny little medieval hat, which I didn’t like, so I replaced with this more menacing green stuff hood.


Here are the rest of the monks. I thought about giving them weapons, but didn’t in the end – they are still semi-civilians, not a warband. The abbot in the middle is clearly a magic user of some power, and probably doesn’t need one anyway. You can see him here calling down a bit of divine wrath on his enemies. His blind eyes were a spur of the moment decision. I painted in the whites ready to do normal eyes, and then I realised that they gave him a bit of interest and menace. The red scars were added to hint at some ritual mutilation or torture – he clearly has a dark past.

The whole gang


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