Zombies first to be finished in 2016

One of my resolutions for 2016 is to clear up some of the half finished models that have been hanging around in the painting tray, many for months. Another resolution is to try to avoiding starting anything that isn’t in the top three projects list (to be disclosed later).

These are the last eight of a box of 40 zombies that Rowan had last year as a Christmas present. He’s keen on building them and playing games, but not so keen on the painting, so I’ve done most of them.

Wargames Factory Zombies

Wargames Factory Zombies

These are from Wargames Factory. Note that “Wargames Factory” is completely unconnected to this “WarFactory” blog, or the WarFactory models being sold by Lancer. It’s a little inconvenient that they have such a similar name, but as I registered warfactory.co.uk in 1999 and did a logo etc, I’m not going to change it now.

They are a good value kit, but the detail isn’t that sharp. Altogether they make a great horde, and the poses are suitably shambling. I have painted them pretty roughly in a smudgy style that looks effective from a distance. The best bit is the use of some clear, red glass paint which makes great wet-look blood. My favourite bit is splodging some of this on at the end. It’s water based, so it’s very convenient to use. The make is Creativity Glass Paint from Philip & Tacey – not sure if it’s still available, I’ve had it for years.

We’ve already used these zombies in a number of games including the Chainsaw Warrior game, and as NPC extras in a couple of Rogue Trader games just before Christmas.

Wargames Factory Zombies

Wargames Factory Zombies

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