Fairy for the forum challenge

The Oldhammer forum is having a challenge where people have to post a newly painted model of a type that they have never painted before.

I had to think quite hard to come up with something that I hadn’t painted before (and I had a model for). I got this fairy as one of the […]

Mutated Minotaur Lord

This is an unconverted 80s minotaur lord, which I painted a few years ago. I used not to like the model very much, but after I had worked hard on this one, it’s now one of my favourite minotaurs. One of my favourite bits is the dark bronze metal, which if I remember correctly is […]

A gnome for Gnomevember

Gnomevember is the month for painting a gnome and posting it on the Oldhammer forum. I only had this one from the Citadel Adventurer Starter Set.

I tried to think how gnomes might be different from dwarves. On the whole I imagined them with brighter colours and fancier patterns than dwarves. This one was all […]