Ancient ruins unearthed

Digging around in some old boxes, I came across a few treasures, and this is one of them. Rogue Trader aficionados will recognise it instantly. Yes, it’s the ruin from Battle at the Farm. It has been lightly customised with a few burnt matchsticks and some reindeer lichen for that proper eighties feel.

Ruin […]

First N.O.G.G. game – Rogue Trader

On Wednesday we headed over to Warhammer World for a Rogue Trader game (1st Edition 40K). Here’s some snapshots of what happened. Axiom has already posted this more detailed account of the battle.

I went with my 11 year old – he fielded zoats and Eldar renegades, I fielded assorted mercenaries, pirates, scum and alien […]

Zoat with multi-melta

Next week I’ll be meeting up with some Oldhammerers at Warhammer World for a bit of Rogue Trader skirmish. Nothing says Rogue Trader like a zoat (well, maybe slann), so I’ve dusted this one off and cleaned up a few details. Along with some Eldar renegades, he’ll be taking the field against whatever the 41st […]