Frostgrave Captain

Last year I ordered a load of Black Tree Picts for my Inquisitor Cynole game. A couple of them were in chainmail, which didn’t suit the look I wanted for the natives in the game, so I decided to use them for Frostgrave. This chap needed a little conversion – his sword looked more like […]

Freehand Undead Shields

They don’t seem to be in fashion so much now, but I like a classic old school shield pattern painted on a flat shield. Here’s some I did last year. Usually I make them up as I go along. I paint a base colour on the shield, then I think of something to put on […]

Female Rogue Trader Mercenary

This rather elegant female mercenary is another one that has taken a couple of years from start to finish. To my mind, modern 40K doesn’t have nearly enough random aliens, abhumans and other such interesting and disparate inhabitants. I imagine the fringes of the Imperium to be packed with the sort of weirdness found in […]

2017 resolution – the Work In Progress drawer

This is a drawer from the chest of 6 IKEA drawers in which I keep my ‘ready to hand’ stuff. My new rules for 2017 are as follows:

Only models in the drawer can be painted. Models can’t leave the drawer until they are fully painted. Units stay until ALL members are finished. Exiting models […]

Brethren of Ultimate Sanction

This is a random minor project that seems to have sprung up by itself. A set of mad monks / flagellants has been collecting on my painting table. Their goal is unknown, perhaps they intend to venture into the icy wastes of Frostgrave; although they don’t seem dressed for it, they may welcome the icy […]

Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

Alan gave me this classic model on the condition that I painted him (rather than incarcerating him in a drawer), so for the record – here he is.

Classic Jes Goodwin Chaos Champion

For anyone that doesn’t recognise him, he is one of the 1988-1989 range of Chaos Champions designed by Jes Goodwin. These […]

Frostgrave Cultists

The next addition to our Frostgrave collection are these six cultists – which are needed for one of the Lich Lord scenarios.

Frostgrave cultists

Last time Rowan and I visited Alan, he gave Rowan a sprue of cultists, and Rowan built these. In the usual division of labour, he made the models up, and […]

Frostgrave Living Statues

Whoops – two whole blank months. Time to get a post in.

As the weather has turned colder, it seemed appropriate to be getting back into Frostgrave. One of the scenarios in the basic rule book requires 6 ‘living statues’, and I am trying to collect up the appropriate bits for all of these games.


Helsreach bikers

I thought I’d better get a post in before September became a completely blank month. Luckily I’ve just finished these bikers. The two bikes were put together about ten years ago and then kept in a box, as is standard practice for things that don’t quite get done before interest wanes and you move on […]

Inquisitor Cynole – ornithopter

One of the key elements for the Inquisitor Cynole game at BOYL last weekend was the ornithopter. The story snippet from the original Chapter Approved that this game was based on describes it as follows “The ‘thopter was a local model, ancient and noisy, the dull beat of its engines drowning any attempt at conversation”.